Active Escapes: Fitness Retreat - Bali - Hawaii - Maldives
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Andrew Papadopoulos

Andrew is Ex-Army and owner of the growing and successful boot camp, Battle Fit Australia.
Andrew brings to the workout table a balance between motivation and hard work. Built on the camaraderie, mental discipline and team work he values so much.   Andrew’s goal is to share, motivate, teach and instil into all his clients the importance of his values and of sheer determination, and shares his extensive experience in demanding situations.
He says, “I want my clients to realise that physical effort is only half the battle, your mental attitude is what carries you through to the end.”
We are really excited to have Andrew give our customers a glimpse into his military styled training.  So if challenging circuits, exciting teamwork through exercise, and self-discovery sounds enticing, come to Bali and meet Andrew now!!