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Amanda Bisk

Exercise Scientist / Exercise Physiologist / Person Trainer / Gymnastics Coach / CrossFit Coach / Yoga Instructor

Amanda started her sporting journey as a gymnast, walking into her first gymnastics class at 3 years old. At 6 Amanda was selected for the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) and trained here for a few years in the development squad until she grew too tall. Amanda stayed in gymnastics at state level up until I was 18 and during this time sje was involved in all sorts of sports through primary and high school. It wasn't until she was in her final year of high school that I was identified in the WAIS elite development squad for high jump. Amanda spent a few years competing nationally until she found another jumping event I fell in love with, pole vault.

Amanda spent six years as an elite pole vaulter, competing for Australia. This was a wonderful opportunity for her travel the world and do something she absolutely loved. Amanda's greatest achievement was representing my country at the World University Games in Belgrade in 2009 and at the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010.

Amanda continued to finish her Bachelor in Sport Science followed by a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation (qualified exercise physiologist) during her time as an athlete. She was a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and coach for athletics and gymnastics. Elite sport programs at WAIS also gave her the opportunity to visit and mentor school aged kids and really share her passion for sport and being active.

In 2011 everything changed, Amanda returned from Delhi and started training towards the London Olympics. Something wasn't right however and she was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue and was forced to retire from polevault.  AT this time Amanda began doing yoga and started to develop an understanding and awareness of her body. Over the last couple of years yoga and stretching has stayed with her and now she does it everyday.

A year following her retirement her coach Alex Parnov (coach of Olympic champion Steve hooker) offered her a coaching position at WAIS. This was a perfect way to keep involved in sport and to also see it from a different perspective. For two years she was able to coach elite pole vault and during that time she learnt so much about training, elite performance and guiding athletes.

"Recovery has taken over 3 years but I have learnt so much over that time. I continue to learn about food, exercise and ways to keep myself healthy and happy everyday. Recently I moved to Sydney to follow my passion for sharing health and fitness with the general population. I am a Crossfit coach and Yoga instructor at CrossFit Sydney and I hope to keep building and expanding my knowledge of all types of exercise and share this with my fitness blog (instagram @amandabisk). "

I have just started to get back into high intensity training this year, something I always wanted to get back to since being diagnosed.I love to use all types of exercise for my own fitness and I love trying new things. I believe variety and balance is a huge factor for keeping active and healthy and I incorporate this not only into my own lifestyle but also into the way I teach. "

Amanda looks forward to sharing her experiences with our guests on the August 31st Fitness Retreat in Bali.