Active Escapes: Fitness Retreat - Bali - Hawaii - Maldives
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Do I need to be a fitness fanatic to come?

No, not at all!  Active Escapes is not about how fit you are but about having FUN! We aim for you to be fitter at the end compared to when you arrive and we cater for everyone; from people who want to train hard all week to guests who just want to join in the training that they wish to. We can be as hard of as soft as you like!


What is the food like?

In a word - delicious! Our chefs cook the finest of balinese foods with as many whole foods and as little processed foods as possible. From salads, lean meats, seafood, rices, spices and amazing flavours; everything is fresh and prepared fresh daily. Have a special request? We will aim to meet it. Vegetarians are also catered for.


Is a cheeky glass of wine or a few beers allowed? Can I go out for a drink whilst on the retreat?

Of course it is! At Active Escapes we workout hard and we reward ourselves for a hard days work. If you want to relax and unwind with a glass of wine we will happily purchase that for you. We only ask that noise be kept at a minimum after 10pm. We are not a detox retreat where you will be eating nuts, seeds and drinking green juices all week!


Can I go into town for dinner or a drink mid-week?

Of course! We can show you a selection of Seminyak's finest restaurants and arrange transport to and from for you also.

What is the mimimum age?

You need to be 18 to attend an Active Escape but we do allow guests as young as 16 if accompanied by an adult in some cases. 

Do you need to be Australian?

Even though we are an Australian company we have guests from all over the world that come to join us. 

I’m thinking of coming by myself. Is that ok?

Of course it is! Many people come by themselves. But that gives you two options on accommodation; you can get your own private room or we can pair you up with a new friend in a twin bedroom setup. You may arrive not knowing anyone, but we can assure you that you will leave with many new friends.


What is the age range?

Majority of our guests are aged between 18 and 40 but we have had guests up to 60 who have a great time. 


Can I do my own thing during the day or do I have to stick to the schedule?

The one thing you will have a lot on the retreat is OPTIONS! You can do whatever you like with all of our training sessions being optional. Even within the training sessions you will be given options depending on your fitness levels and how hard you would like to train. We have drivers to take you where ever you want to go whenever you want to go! As long as you have a good time then we are happy. 

What airport do I fly into?

Denpasar (DPS) International Airport is the closest airport and when you walk out of the terminal we will be waiting for you! From there the drive is approximately 45 mins. (depending on traffic).


Do I have to organise my own transport from the airport to the Villas?

Of course not! We will pick you up and drop you off to the airport or any local accommodation in Seminyak or Kuta.

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